Named the best new grips by Muscle & Fitness magazine, Gorilla-Grips make great gifts with a range of colours and sizes. Our leather grip pad enables you to maximize your training whilst enhancing your grip and protecting your hands with comfort. No more sweaty palms, slippage or calluses, Gorilla-Grips are more effective than workout straps! The only grips perfect for Kettlebell and weight training alike enabling you to maintain the tactile feel of the Kettlebell or bar and protect your hands. Gorilla-Grips are perfect for weight lifting, kettlebell training, and mountain biking or even lifting heavy stuff at home.


Gloves are for gardening, not for lifting. Towels slip, but
Gorilla-Grips slide onto your hand and unlike gloves won't dry out and crack.
Mens Fitness Magazine


Each pair comes with a left and right grip. All Gorilla-Grips are available in 3 sizes.