What are people saying about Gorilla Grips?

“A valuable training tool that’s have breathed new life into my kettlebell sessions.”

“Gorilla-Grips have allowed me to concentrate on my technique and they really do get better with age!  Do youself a big favour and get yourself a pair, they work as advertised if not better.”

“I received the grips this morning, they are great, added 20kg onto my final set of deadlifts! Way way better than gripads”


Top 5 Mistakes People Make Kettlebell Training

I’ve taught many people how to use Kettlebells over the years.  Lets face it, most don’t really use Kettlebells to their full potential often using guess work. Here are the top 5 mistakes people make when using Kettlebells.  Hope this helps!   1. Too Heavy or Too Light Kettlebells that are too heavy or too light will lead to bad form. Bad form causes injuries.  Too light and your training is ineffective leading to bruising.  Don’t try to just ‘muscle’ […]